What is Youthpass?

Youthpass is a European recognition instrument for identifying and documenting learning outcomes that are acquired in projects under the Erasmus+ Youth and the European Solidarity Corps programmes.

  • Youthpass promotes individual reflection and awareness about learning and helps to make learning outcomes visible for the learners themselves as well as for others.
  • It aims to reinforce reflective practices in youth work and solidarity activities, thereby enhancing their quality and recognition.
  • It also supports the continued pathways of young people and youth workers, and...
  • raises visibility of the value of European engagement.

Who can use Youthpass?

Youthpass certificates are available for all types of projects and activities within the Erasmus+ Youth (except for the general DiscoverEU action) and European Solidarity Corps programmes.

The certificates can also be issued for projects that were granted under the previous European youth programmes (Youth in Action 2007-2013; Erasmus+: Youth in Action 2014-2020 and European Solidarity Corps 2018-2020).

All participants of the projects approved within these frameworks are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate, and thus recognition for their non-formal and informal learning outcomes. In addition, team members who wish to document their learning outcomes with Youthpass can also receive a certificate for their contribution to the projects.

The responsibility to issue the Youthpass certificates to the participants, in case they wish to receive them, lies with the organisation that signs the contract for the grant.