Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have questions concerning Youthpass? Maybe you can find the answer here.

Participants questions

I haven't received my Youthpass, what should I do?

I have lost my Youthpass certificate, can I have a copy?

I am a participant; can I download my Youthpass from the website?

What to do if the link to work on my Youthpass is not active anymore?

Can I still get my Youthpass certificate, even if the project took place a couple of years ago?

Does the Youthpass certificate have to be signed?

Project organisers questions

How can I work with Youthpass in different phases of my activity?

Who should issue the Youthpass certificates?

Can I update the Youthpass certificates after having generated them once?

We are an informal group and we do not have an organisation; how should we work on our Youthpass?

Can the Youthpass certificates be signed digitally?

Can I issue the Youthpass certificates in more than one language?

Which languages are available?

Can I use Youthpass in the European Solidarity Corps, and how?

What is YANS - Youthpass Automatic Notification System?

The Key Competences have been updated - what should I use for Youthpass?

Is Youthpass available for projects funded by the earlier Youth in Action and YOUTH Programmes?

What about Youthpass in the new Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes in 2021-2027?

Technical questions

Why the project number I entered is not accepted?

How to change my password?

I registered but got no password. What should I do?

Can we change the details of our Youthpass account holder?

Action related questions

Volunteering Projects

Volunteering projects – coordinating organisations

Youthpass for centralised projects

If you need further clarifications, please send us an e-mail.