Youthpass Strategy

How can we better support the visibility and the general acceptance of the competences developed by young people and youth workers (and other support persons) through their engagement in youth work and volunteering? How can we strengthen the awareness about youth work as a learning context?

Youthpass has been putting learning on the agenda and helping to reflect on and document learning in the EU youth programmes since 2007. With the evolving societal challenges, changing needs of young people and, not the least, with the start of the new EU youth programmes in mind, we have been reflecting together with our partners and networks, what needs to be done in the coming years, in regards to the recognition and validation topics within the two EU youth programmes. We've also been looking beyond the programmes; with the Youthpass experience, we can support the developments in the broader youth field.

This is how the Youthpass Strategy: The strategy for recognition and validation of non-formal and informal learning in the European youth field came to being. It describes the directions for Youthpass in order to maintain and strengthen its value in light of the changing needs and contexts of its target groups. Further, it contributes to the implementation of policy processes to improve the quality and impact of youth work and non-formal and informal learning in Europe.

This strategy document aims to serve as a basis for the work of the SALTO Training and Cooperation Resource Centre in developing Youthpass together with the European Commission and the National Agencies for the EU youth programmes. It also seeks to offer inspiration and a framework for cooperation with other organisations and stakeholders that wish to create greater awareness and visibility of the learning value of youth work and volunteering across Europe.

You can read the Youthpass Strategy online:

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