Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have questions concerning Youthpass? Maybe you can find the answer here.

Participants' questions

I haven't received my Youthpass, what should I do?

I have lost my Youthpass certificate, can I have a copy?

I am a participant; can I download my Youthpass from the website?

What to do if the link to work on my Youthpass is not active anymore?

Does the Youthpass certificate have to be signed?

How to correct my Youthpass?

Can I still get my Youthpass certificate, even if the project took place some years ago?

How to delete a Youthpass account created by mistake?

Project organisers' questions

Who should issue the Youthpass certificates?

Why is the project number I entered not accepted?

I registered but did not receive a password. What should I do?

How to change my password?

Can we change the details of our Youthpass account holder?

Is there a possibility to try out the system and the certificates before starting to use Youthpass?

Can I delete projects from my Youthpass account?

How can I work with Youthpass in different phases of my activity?

We are an informal group and we do not have an organisation; how should we work on our Youthpass?

Can I update the Youthpass certificates after having generated them once?

Can the Youthpass certificates be signed digitally?

Can I issue the Youthpass certificates in more than one language?

How Youthpass is used in the European Solidarity Corps projects implemented until 2021?

What is YANS - Youthpass Automatic Notification System?

The Key Competences have been updated - what should I use for Youthpass?

Which competence framework is used in Youthpass for the self-assessment of youth workers, other practitioners and team members?

Is Youthpass available for projects funded by the earlier Youth in Action and YOUTH Programmes?

What about Youthpass in the new Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes in 2021-2027?

If you need further clarifications, please send us an e-mail.