How to work with project activities in the new Youthpass?

The new Youthpass certificates for the 2021-2027 programmes allows the project admins to enter multiple activities for the same project and the user workflow has an additional step - after entering project details - to enter project activities.

Your project may include only one activity (such as a Youth Exchange) or several activities (such as a preparatory visit and a Youth Exchange). At least one activity should be entered for each Youthpass project, before any individual can be added to the project. You can continue adding new activities (and entering/editing the relevant activity data) as you wish for your project. However, please consider that the activities you enter should be the ones relevant to the individuals for whom you wish to generate certificates. Please pay attention to entering the correct information and to keep the information short and concise as this information may be displayed on the certificates.

Important: If your project includes only one activity, the information you will enter in the fields "Activity title" and "Activity description" will overwrite the information you entered in the project details (in the "Project title" and "Project description" fields).