Who should issue Youthpass certificates?

All participants of Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps are entitled to receive Youthpass certificates and to be informed about this opportunity. If participants wish to receive a Youthpass certificate, the responsibility to issue it lies with the organisation that signed the contract for the grant. We recommend to issue the certificates in cooperation with the other partner organisations of the project.

Please note that the project information should be entered by the organisation and not by the participants themselves. When the project details and the basic information about the participants have been entered, it is possible to invite the participants to edit their own details on the Youthpass website. This will send a link to the participants, with which they can access their form and edit their personal data and/or write up their learning outcomes. They do not need a Youthpass account for that.

We recommend to use one common account per organisation, if feasible. This way, it is easier to find back projects and the certificates in the organisation's account.