Certificate languages

How can I issue Youthpass certificates in more than one language?

If you would like to change the pre-selected language of your certificates or if you want to issue Youthpass in further languages, please click on the button “select and add further languages” in both the participant's form as well as above the form to edit project details. The certificate will display the new language correctly only in case the language has been selected in both forms.

Please note that the certificates are not available in all the official EU languages yet. The translation, approval and authorisation of the certificates is done by the National Agencies. In case of European Solidarity Corps, the translation is offered by the European Commission but needs to be approved and authorised by the National Agency of a respective country. On the page Youthpass certificates you can read which certificate languages are available for which Actions.

After creating English Youthpass certificates I wanted to issue them in German as well. However, after selecting “German” as certificate language, all the details I had entered in English were gone! What did I do wrong?

This happens when you replace the initial certificate language by a different one. If you would like to issue certificates in more than one language, please make sure that all the relevant languages are selected, including the initial one.