Why is the project number I entered not accepted?

Are you sure that the number you entered is the correct project number? The project number can be found in the contract that your organisation received from the National Agency supporting the project. It has to follow a specific structure to be accepted by the Youthpass system.

If your project number has the required structure but is still not accepted by the Youthpass tool, the reason could be one of the following:

  • You did not enter the project number exactly as it appears in the contract;
  • You accidentally added or copied an empty space together with the number. In such a case, the system will not understand the number. Try to enter the number again by typing it;
  • Youthpass is not available for that type of project yet.

If the above reasons do not apply to your situation, please contact the National Agency which provided the project number. If your project was approved by the Executive Agency (EACEA) within the Youth sector and the project number is not accepted by our system, please contact us for support: youthpass@salto-youth.net