What are the newest technical features in Youthpass?

In order to provide a better experience in working with Youthpass, the Youthpass Team constantly works to offer new and/or improved technical functionalities in the Youthpass IT-Tool. Here below you can view the list of some of the latest functionalities launched in Youthpass:

  • Youthpass Learner Accounts: Starting from 04.12.23, Youthpass allows the learners (such as the participants of the projects) to register a Youthpass account. Before this date, the Youthpass accounts were only meant for organisations and facilitators in the projects.
    Learner accounts are enabled to offer more ownership to learners in working with Youthpass and will offer the possibility to receive and download their Youthpass certificates through their accounts.
    The project organisers will be able to invite the learners to connect their accounts to a project, after which the learners can be invited to edit their data for their certificates.
  • Electronic signature: As part of the Learner Accounts, a simple electronic signature solution was introduced for the first page of Youthpass (the so-called 'confirmation of participation' section). At the last step of certificate generation, it is possible to tick a check-box to include a text-based electronic signature to the certificate. The electronically signed certificates will include the phrase 'Electronicaly signed on /date/ /time/ by /username/ under the legal representative's name. The username used here will be the first name and the surname of the Youthpass account holder who generates the certificate.
  • Making certificates available to learners: The electronically signed certificates can be made available to the learners for download through their learner accounts. At the last step of certificate generation, the project admins will be offered the possibility to tick the check box "Make certificates available to learners." With this technical feature, it will no longer be necessary to send the certificates via email, for the projects that use the learner accounts and include an electronic signature.

We hope that the constant improvement of the Youthpass IT-tool makes your experience with Youthpass easier and more pleasant and we are looking forward to future improvements. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Youthpass Team at youthpass@salto-youth.net
We wish you a happy learning journey!

Your Youthpass Team