Questions and Answers

Here you will find questions that we have received regarding the call for 2 trainers for the Training Course 'Youthpass and learning in Volunteering projects), and their answers (with the latest answer shown the first).

Question received on 13.02.24: "I am a trainer and facilitator from Greece. However, I am not a member of the greek pool of trainers anymore. My question is: do you think it makes sense for me to apply for Lot 2? Or have you decided that for diversity reasons the trainer in Lot 2 cannot be greek?"
Answer: We do not have limitations when it comes to the nationality of the Lot 1 or Lot 2 trainers. However, if two trainers who applied to Lot 2 score similar points, we will prioritise a person with a different nationality than the person selected for Lot 1 in order to provide more diversity in the team. And we expect the Lot 1 applicants to be mostly of Greek nationality (but not only as the national pool of trainers may include trainers with different nationalities as well).