User account

I registered, but did not receive a password. Now I cannot log onto the Youthpass tool.

Your password should have been sent automatically to the e-mail address which you entered during registration. Please check your spam folders; the e-mail with the password could have ended up there. If you can’t find it, please contact the Youthpass Team. We can give you a new password manualy.

I would like to change my password.

Please log in with your current password. Directly after, on the next page go to “edit your personal details” (left upper side of the page, above Your Recent Projects), scroll down the page until you’ll see “change your password” option.

The colleague who was the account holder of our organisation’s Youthpass account has left. Can I change the details (name, e-mail- address, password) of the account holder?

Yes, after having logged in with the old login data, you can edit the name, e-mail-address and password of the account holder in the section “personal details”. This way, you can continue using the same Youthpass account with the existing projects and don’t need to create a new one.

If you don't have the login data of the colleague who left but need access to the account, please contact the Youthpass Team for help.

I am an editor of a project and would like to edit the organisation details, but I don’t have access to this section. Why?

Since you did not register the project by yourself, but were invited as an “editor” for a certain project, your user rights are limited. You can edit the project details and the participants’ details for the project in question, but not the organisation details. Please ask the administrator of the project to make the needed changes.

Can I delete the projects I have added to our Youthpass account?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for you or for us to delete projects from the Youthpass database, where they are stored for security reasons.

In case you accidentally used a wrong project number, please contact the Youthpass Helpdesk at