What is your Youthpass story?

Let us - and the world - know!

Young people and youth workers, take part in a competition, send us your stories and win an eco-friendly, fair-trade 46L travel backpack from Ethnotek!

(Almost) 1 million Youthpass certificates have been issued in countless European projects. But, we are curious to know more than the numbers! So, we are looking for stories - written or in video format - that include some information about your project, how learning was dealt with during the project, and what (working with) Youthpass changed for you and how.

Deadline to send your story: Monday, September 30, 2019, at 17:00 CET.

The written stories should be sent by e-mail to 1Myouthpasses@salto-youth.net. The video testimonials should be sent to the same address through a file transfer service (for example WeTransfer, https://wetransfer.com/).

To be published and considered for the prize, your submission will need to comply with the following criteria:

  • The submitted story describes your experiences related to Youthpass and/or the learning value of participating in a European youth project.
  • If you send it as a text then it should be no longer than 1 A4, and if possible, with a few photos to illustrate the story.
  • If it's a video, it is not longer than 1 minute (if possible, with subtitles).
  • The material does not contain any insulting contents.
  • By submitting the story to this call of testimonials, you, as the author, agree on publishing your name and the whole or parts of the text/photos/video through the information channels (including the website and the Social Media channels) of SALTO Training and Cooperation RC (SALTO T&C RC), of National Agencies and of the European Commission. If the photos/videos show other people, the author confirms that they also agree to publishing these materials.
  • By submitting the story you also agree that you can be contacted by SALTO T&C RC.

Please don't forget to add to your testimonial:

  • Your full name
  • Your e-mail address
  • (In case it is not clear from the story,) whether you are describing your experience from the point of view of a participant or a facilitator of learning.

We will start publishing and sharing the testimonials upon their submission on https://www.youthpass.eu/en/about-youthpass/1million-youthpasses/ and through the Social Media channels of SALTO T&C RC.

The competition will not have only one, but two winners, both of whom will receive a prize! 

* Jury prize: After the submission deadline, a jury will select one winner for the competition, based on the relevance and content of the testimonial. In case there are many similarly interesting testimonials among whom it is impossible to make the final choice, the winner will be decided among these shortlisted testimonials by lottery.

* Audience prize: A second award will be handed out to the testimonial that got the highest number of 'likes' in the Social Media channels of SALTO T&C RC. The 'likes' will be counted on Monday 07.10 at 12h CET. The SALTO T&C RC Social Media channels are:

Both winners - of the jury prize and of the 'audience prize' - will win an eco-friendly and fair-trade travel backpack (46L) from Ethnotek

We look forward to your stories!