Youthpass Advisory Group

As of March 2022, the Youthpass Advisory Group consists of the following members.

Institutional representatives of:

  • The European Commission
  • The Partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission in the field of youth
  • The European Youth Forum
  • The National Agencies for the Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps programmes in Croatia, Estonia, France, Italy and Norway
  • Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
  • SALTO-Youth Euromed Resource Centre
  • SALTO European Solidarity Corps
  • SALTO-Youth Inclusion and Diversity Resource Centre
  • SALTO-Youth Training and Cooperation Resource Centre

Nominated experts in the youth field:

  • Alonso Escamilla (BB&R)
  • Annamaria Cacchione (INDIRE Italy)
  • Barnabás Gulyás (ELTE University and GYIÖT)
  • Caroline Eiber (Kompass e.V.)
  • Darko Markovic (Inn.Side - learning and development)
  • Eeva Jeronen (National youth work center of expertise Kentauri)
  • Gianluca Rossino (Europiamo ETS)
  • Joaquim Freitas (World Organization of the Scout Movement - Europe Region)
  • Karmen Murn (Ambitia Institute)
  • Mara Arvai (YOPA - Youth for Participation Association)
  • Margarida Freitas (Youth Cluster)
  • Michelangelo Belletti (Ninfea and Vedogiovani)
  • Sari Höylä (HUMAK University of Applied Sciences)
  • Snežana Bačlija Knoch (International Youth Work Trainers Guild)