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Below you can find the latest Youthpass and Recognition Newsletters.

Youthpass Newsletter - June 2019

Youthpass available for the European Solidarity Corps participants!!!

Taking part in a European Solidarity Corps project is a significant learning achievement for any young person. Now all participants of the Corps – across all project types – can receive a Youthpass certificate!

To know more about the Youhtpass process in European Solidarity Corps, please follow the link:

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Youthpass Newsletter - November 2018 / 11.2018

Youthpass goes Solidarity Corps!

The European Solidarity Corps has started. Within the projects supported by the Solidarity Corps, the participants can use Youthpass to document their learning process and outcomes from the project. Youthpass in the European Solidarity Corps, expected to be launched in the first months of 2019, will look different from the Youthpass in Erasmus+, but the main aim of the tool will remain the same: to enable the participants to become better aware of and capable to present and use their learning outcomes.

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Youthpass Newsletter - July 2018 / 07.2018

Good news to you, too!

  1. Our new practical publication ONE 2 ONE will help you develop your individual work with young people.
  2. Read below about the recent policy developments in the youth field and the place of recognition within.
  3. We are happy to bring you an infographic about Youthpass that showcases the impact that Youthpass has made.
  4. Within a Strategic Partnership project, captivating videos have been created that explain the Key Competences.
  5. If you are a trainer and would like to develop your skills to support reflection - make sure to save the dates of the training described below!

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Youthpass Newsletter - February 2018 / 15.02.2018

Have you ever thought what might be needed to do digital youth work, or what kind of digital youth work is being done out there? The new publication by the European Commission offers some interesting reading on this.

Also, we invite you to take a look at the two calls below, for training courses that may be of interest to you!

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Youthpass Newsletter - January 2018 / 25.01.2018

2018 has taken off busy! We are happy to share with you the RAY research results, and to invite you to the first European Training Strategy (ETS) Conference. Also, you may be interested in the proposal for Key Competences that share an insight into the directions in which the Key Competences for Lifelong Learning are developing.

We invite you to have a look into the open call for participants for the training course Mindset of Youth Workers. The open consultation by the European Commission offers a possibility to have your say about the new EU programme(s) from 2021.

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