Youthpass demo website

A Look into the Youthpass Publications

Youthpass publications offer different resources that can support your practice by:

  • helping you understand Youthpass better;
  • inspiring you with new methods and approaches to support learning;
  • providing you a deeper insight on recognition of nonformal and informal learning, and youth work.

Youthpass Leaflets are short documents that give short information on various topics around Youthpass -such as how to implement Youthpass in different projects; how to work with the Key Competences for Lifelong Learning; or yearly Youthpass infographics.

Youthpass Handbooks, including guidebooks and compilation of methods and approaches, provide in-depth information on Youthpass and on how to support learning.

Learning Out of the Box card game provides a hands-on tool to play and discuss what learning is.

Essays give insight on debates around learning and recognition.

Testimonies tell the inspiring stories of Youthpass users in their own words on their learning experience.

Newsletters gather the news around Youthpass and Recognition –alongside the news from all the other SALTO Resource Centres- each month.

And many other publications include Youthpass promotional materials and various research reports.