Youthpass demo website

New website: what has changed?

On February 1, 2017, the new Youthpass website was launched. These are the changes that were included in this relaunch:

  • New, responsive design;
  • A new start page with first-hand information for users who visit the Youthpass website for the first time;
  • New navigation of the website;
  • Revised information about Youthpass;
  • A section with information about recognition;
  • A clearer tool for adding or changing the certificate languages;
  • A further advanced participant management tool. It includes a better overview of the current steps in managing the different participants, and a possibility to take one action with several participants at once;
  • A reorganised function for communication with the participants;
  • Better usability of the preview function.

As the relaunch required also new or revised instructions in the Youthpass tool for creating certificates, translations of some parts of the tool still need to be updated. This will be done step by step, until then the untranslated parts will appear in English.

Update on 4.05.2017: choosing between one of the 2 main gender options is no longer required. We ask for gender in the Youthpass tool because in some European languages, this has an important impact on the way the sentences are formed. Now it is also possible to leave it unselected, as an alternative for choosing between male and female formulations. This is an option for people who identify themselves as non-binary or transgender (genderqueer, third-gender, gender-fluid, ...), or also in case the participant just wouldn't like the language to be gender-specific on their certificate. If gender is left unselected, the texts on the certificate are genderneutral or referring to both options, depending on the language.

We will continue working on both the content and technical development of the website, so please stay tuned!