Youthpass demo website

Using Youthpass for the first time?

Q: How do the Youthpass Certificates for the different Actions look like? Which fields have to be filled in?

A: You can find pictures of the certificates with useful explanations in the Actions chapters of the Youthpass Guide. Please click here to download it. Example certificates can also be downloaded here.

Q: Our organisation uses Youthpass for the first time in a project. Where can we find support?

A: The handbook Youthpass Unfolded will be a useful resource for you as it contains an explanation and hands-on methods for making the most of Youthpass over the course of your project. It also provides tips for possible adaptations when working with young people with fewer opportunities.

Q: Before creating a real certificates, can I try it out?

A: For trying out - or for demonstrating to others - the procedure of creating Youthpass certificates, and for creating sample certificates, you can use the Youthpass demo website.

Q: Is there information on Youthpass especially designed for young people?

A: Unfortunately, there is no general information aimed at young people yet.

If you are a member of a Youth Initiative project, you can find information, hints and support for using Youthpass in Youth Initiatives on the sub-page for Action 1.2.